How to attract spammers to my website?

Started by Lucatall, Jul 24, 2022, 09:47 AM

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How to attract human and robot spammers to my website?
No, this is not a typo in the message above, it is written correctly.
There are a lot of suggestions and opinions on how to get rid of spam, but on the contrary, in order to lure, it was not possible to find it on the web.

Novel Web Solution

Write on the website entrance "only for spammers" and give the opportunity to place links without captcha and registration)

You can also add your site to the bases of all kinds of hrumers and it analogues.
And for the links, they must  be opened without no-follows and no-index, a redirects. Then the forum will have maximum appeal for spammers.


Try to contact the exchange of microtasks, then there will be no end to spammers, though you will have to pay for the work, but the result will be fabulous


The easiest way to attract bots is to allow comments to be posted without recaptcha and unblock comment spam so that spammers can easily come in and post anything (spam).


There is another spam that is gaining strength — in blogging communities, for instance, LiveJournal. Here I do not even know how to reduce it to 0, since many users automatically record friends who have befriended them.
But there is an idea.
I take a suspicious user who has befriended me and write a post saying that he is a nasty spammer and a bastard. The post gets into his friend feed, other people (exactly people!) they read and react accordingly.
If your new friend is a human (and not a spider or a spammer), then he will read it and either friend you or start disassembling. (By the way, there has not been a single such case yet). If it's a bot or a spider, wait for comments like "what a cool post" (often from the same bastard you're writing about)