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Started by Fess, Aug 17, 2022, 11:12 AM

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Generally, a banal question, which, probably, has already been answered more than once on this forum (still, I need the most recent data).
What are the most popular CMS? And what are the benefits of each? I know that there is a sea of information on the Net. I need real experience. Not rewrite rewrite rewrite, but the opinion of real users of different CMS.
How are things going with the admin panel, how is it with the SEO setting, how is it with indexing, with the design. For instance, once I worked with CMS Joomla. I remember that this CMS could not change the favicon that is displayed in SEs search. These are the interesting details.

Novel Web Solution

WordPress rules.
For me, the main advantages are flexibility and accessibility.
Flexibility is also divided into two parts. WordPress is fine for those who don't know anything. WordPress is good for those who know a lot of things.
Almost always, what you need can be done through the settings or a plugin, or you can mess around in the code.
Availability. All documentation is available, plugins are available (there are free analogs of plugins for everything) and specialists are available who will help if necessary.

In order to write any kind of CMS knowledge, you need a lot. As a result, it will take at least a couple of months to write a website of a couple of pages.
To write a couple of pages on WP, from scratch, it will take a maximum of half an hour.