Moving an old website to a sb directory so it functions

Started by Ryar, Jun 20, 2022, 02:32 AM

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RyarTopic starter

Hi all.

I am helping someone install a new wordpress site and have it configured in a sub directory.

Problem is they want to keep their old website active say in a sub directory called archive. It is a mixture of php and html with includes. The old website has been modified over the years so that it will function using the newest php but looks like it is from 1995.

I have no problem moving the wordpress site into the root directory, but is their a simple way to move the old stuff into archive and have it function or will i need to go through the files and change the pathways?

They do not want the old stuff imported into the new wordpress site.

Suggestions are appreciated


I know it's a bit late, this reply is moreso to assist others if they have a similar query (also yourself if this is outstanding!).

It all depends how the original site was scripted (relative vs absolute paths). The latter will require each file to be manually updated whilst the former should be a simple copy and paste for the most part.