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Started by Mikuchan, Nov 22, 2022, 08:55 AM

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Hi all. I started learning programming. My question is: what are the main differences between python and pascal programming languages. Thanks in advance to those who answer.


Python is a practical language. Both structural and object. and functional concepts are present in it, without much interfering with each other. It is generally accepted to study (academically) the structural concept on the example of classical (non-object) Pascal, object - on the example of Smalltallk, functional - on the example of lisp.
Python is similar to C in this aspect - practice prevails over theory.

But then their paths (I would say more - aesthetic platforms) diverge.
The concept of Python (in this it resembles macOS) - one task can be solved in one way. The interpreter tries to block all incorrect decisions. It helps a beginner programmer a lot.
The concept of C (he consistently conducts UNIX ideas) - a thinking professional sits in front of the terminal, who knows what he is doing and why and chooses the way to solve the problem himself. Where Python or Pascal throws an error, C will try to interpret it as a programmer's idea.
I myself am an adherent of C, but I do not consider it a convenient language for teaching programming.

As for the author of the topic, he is interested in practical web programming. Here, without any doubt, Python should be preferred to Pascal.


I will just continue after jainteq. Pascal is more about eduational purposes, it is always the topic of programming lessons in schools and I'm not sure that we can compare such languages, because it is really rare thing when smb uses Pascal to do his project.


In programming language Python is ranked 1st an Pascal is ranked at 5th position. When there is comparison in between these 2 language Python will suggest first and then Pascal language.
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