Started by Mikuchan, Nov 21, 2022, 05:38 PM

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MikuchanTopic starter

Hi all! Please tell me a free platform where I can learn to program in Python in a month, learn all the basics. Really needed. Thank you all in advance.


I personally liked the free course from CodeCademy here: Although I studied JavaScript there, I really liked the general approach. Moreover, the knowledge required is minimal. The only thing is that if you want in-depth study, you will have to pay. :D

Information for beginners and experienced programmers: basics (functions, classes, operations, etc.), database guide, materials for advanced developers (specializations, maps, multi-user arguments, partial functions, etc.). Here you can test your knowledge in practice: write code, run a program and get a bug report.

Code School
After registration, you can only get access for 10 days for free, and you need to pay $ 29 for further training. The course materials are designed for experienced developers who need to improve their knowledge.

An interactive resource with a collection of functional tasks, interesting tests, displaying results, holding discussions with colleagues and raising the rank. The gameplay motivates you to quickly click puzzles.

A gaming platform in which the acquisition of new knowledge and coding skills takes place in a relaxed mode. A creative approach to training and the support of colleagues allow you to achieve the desired goals in a short time.