Recommend a programming language for my project

Started by neelseofast, Jul 22, 2022, 10:17 AM

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neelseofastTopic starter

My website-project will include such functions as:
1. parsing information from other websites (information about the film, such as title, year of release, actors)
2. tests (that is, the user will have a page with questions, he selects options, and depending on the answers, other questions will appear)
The question is, in which direction to move? php, python, JavaScript?
It would be nice to have a universal solution, if I will want to make an application similar :)

If it's not difficult, can you describe how it is generally desirable to do this? Like "in short, you parse with python, the website is done in php, your tests are in JavaScript."


I would do this with pup, JavaScript(jQuery) - ajax, of course, where possible and necessary.

For universal - python.

You can do everything on the JavaScript branch - node.js and others.
Why php + js? - quite easy, understandable, run-in and not demanding.

Generally, modularity is the best solution - and therefore modules can be on whatever is more optimal - the main thing is that they receive the desired format at the input and produce the desired output.

IMHO, the theme is very broad. What you know, write on that - interactivity is js, vanilla or with lotions - it doesn't matter.


hello, I would advise doing parsing in python, as it is more practical and convenient in other cases, it's JS :)  :)