Recommend a programming language for my project

Started by neelseofast, Jul 22, 2022, 10:17 AM

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neelseofastTopic starter

My website-project will include such functions as:
1. parsing information from other websites (information about the film, such as title, year of release, actors)
2. tests (that is, the user will have a page with questions, he selects options, and depending on the answers, other questions will appear)
The question is, in which direction to move? php, python, JavaScript?
It would be nice to have a universal solution, if I will want to make an application similar :)

If it's not difficult, can you describe how it is generally desirable to do this? Like "in short, you parse with python, the website is done in php, your tests are in JavaScript."


I would do this with pup, JavaScript(jQuery) - ajax, of course, where possible and necessary.

For universal - python.

You can do everything on the JavaScript branch - node.js and others.
Why php + js? - quite easy, understandable, run-in and not demanding.

Generally, modularity is the best solution - and therefore modules can be on whatever is more optimal - the main thing is that they receive the desired format at the input and produce the desired output.

IMHO, the theme is very broad. What you know, write on that - interactivity is js, vanilla or with lotions - it doesn't matter.


hello, I would advise doing parsing in python, as it is more practical and convenient in other cases, it's JS :)  :)


One of the most common languages. Novice programmers often confuse Java and JavaScript. Despite the consonant name, these are two completely different languages. The scope of its application is extensive and almost limitless. Server, mobile and computer applications are written in JavaScript. Any browser and any operating system is familiar with JavaScript.
All scripts are executed directly in the device browser, the user does not need to take any action. In most cases, it is used to create simple animations, scripts, and user interface objects.

The main advantage of PHP is that the language code does not conflict with the HTML layout and can be used simultaneously to mark up the appearance of the page using HTML tags and the functionality of the php part of the page.
It is easy to learn at almost all stages of learning. It has developed data support, is suitable for hardware platforms and well-known operating systems. That programming language is designed specifically to work on the server side. The language library is suitable for tasks performed repeatedly during web site development.

The main purpose of Ruby is to form and program sites, as well as mobile applications. There is an opinion around the Ruby language about its slowness and inability to scale large projects. At the very beginning of its existence, Ruby was really inferior to PHP and Python in terms of performance. However, numerous language updates have fundamentally corrected the situation, upcoming upgrades should bring other changes – the ability to work with parallel threads.
The slowness of a modern Ruby application depends entirely on the programmer's abilities and the correctness of the architecture. One of the advantages is the ease of learning the language by a novice specialist, it is often used thanks to simple recording methods.

Programming languages for web development are hard to imagine without Perl. At the very beginning, Perl was intended to get rid of the need to write various programs and scripts in different languages, combining the capabilities of system administration and document processing into a single language environment.
At the moment, Perl is actively used in writing interactive applications, server administration and is adapted to all popular platforms - Windows, Mac and others.

It is easy to highlight the main advantages of Perl:
availability of many ready-made libraries;
ease of processing large amounts of data;
support for working with regular expressions;
free syntax.
But small disadvantages are formed from the advantages. The presence of a large number of libraries makes it difficult to find one specific module that a programmer needs, which can slow down the work process.

The SQL language is the basis of many DBMS (database management system), it is responsible for structuring, writing and reading data from disk. It is considered an important part of programming. It is used not only by programmers, but also by DB admins.
That is the first and so far the main language for working with databases, which has become widespread.

But SQL also has some disadvantages. First of all, it is complexity. The language was conceived as a means of end-user work, but it has become so difficult that it has become a tool used today only by programmers.
A specialist must know SQL if any of the databases - MySQL, Oracle – are used in web development. The ability to work with SQL usually distinguishes a professional from an amateur.


One of the most common and practical languages for programmers is JavaScript, which is often confused with Java by beginners. For parsing, I recommend using python.


Hello, first you need to decide what you need a programming language for. There are many different types of programming languages, here are a few :JavaScript;
Visual development tools
Kotlin, each of them is individually good in its own way. So I'll give you advice if you can not decide on the choice of programming language, set a goal for what kind of work you need a language, and then choose the right one. Good luck!