Top 3 Books for C# Beginners

Started by rgbprof, Nov 01, 2022, 04:00 PM

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Hello, in this article I want to talk about the best books in my opinion that helped me in learning C#.
1) C# 8.0 and .NET Core 3.0
First I want to note this book, written by Mark J. Price. It describes everything you need to start programming applications in C #.
The book consists of three parts. The first part explains the basics of C# programming, as well as object-oriented programming.
The second part of the book is devoted to the .NET Standard APIs, and the third is a huge number of examples of cross-platform applications.
2) C#: Learn C# in One Day and Learn It Well. C# for Beginners with Hands-on Project
This book is great for reinforcing the material. In it you will find many practical tasks to test your knowledge.
3)Head First C#: A Learner's Guide to Real-World Programming with C#, XAML, and .NET
An excellent reference that will introduce you to the basics of C# and Visual Studio. A visual demonstration of creating user interfaces and various databases. Same way
in this book you can learn about creating games and drawing graphics.


C# and .NET Core. Cross-platform development for professionals
The book is more of an overview of the platform than a guide to it. Therefore, unfortunately, it is not suitable for "deep immersion" in .NET Core. But for beginners or programmers who already have experience with .NET Framework and want to master .NET Core, this book is an ideal option for a "quick start".

Hawking. Unity in action. Multiplatform development in C#
A little more about using C# to create games. In this edition, attention is paid to the design of two-dimensional games, the fundamental concepts of which the reader can put into practice and build a complex two-dimensional platformer. This book can be safely called an introduction to Unity for professional programmers. Joseph Hawking gives people with development experience all the necessary information that will help them quickly master a new tool and start creating new games. And it is best to study on specific projects and practical tasks.