What questions should you ask when looking for a website builder?

Started by Enot, Aug 17, 2022, 06:41 AM

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What questions should you ask when looking for a website builder?
 There is a lot of information on the Internet, but no specifics. We need specific questions that will help identify and find a reliable specialist. Thanks in advance for your answers. :)


As a rule, at least several people are needed to create a website: a programmer, a designer, a promotion specialist (SEO). But, of course, there are specialists who combine all the necessary skills, although they are in demand, as a rule, only for small, private projects.

In addition to reviewing the portfolio, you can ask him the following questions:

What type of site should I choose: landing, blog, online store, business card site?
Domain and hosting for the future site, what should be?
What methods does he use for SEO optimization?
Does he create the responsive template a mobile-friendly or full mobile version of the site?
What CMS is the site running on?

These are just general questions and they will only help to assess only the minimum level of a specialist's preparedness and in no way serve to evaluate him.


First of all, this is a question of tasks, goals and budget. Everything is individual and depends on the customer's requirements.
Somebody wants to fit into the budget and understands that template design is a limitation in capabilities. In this case, it makes sense to choose a constructor. Cheap, fast and without unnecessary load. But, in the future, such a site will have to be changed with the help of crutches, which is fraught with malfunctions.

Even at the very beginning of the work, it is important to understand the customer, hear and identify his needs. If we have come to the conclusion that an individual solution is not required, but a standard one is needed - we offer a template and explain the advantages over an expensive, painstaking and written from scratch project.
For instance, if you open an online store, then the right solution is to choose a constructor with the purchase of traffic, complex tools are not needed here.


Hi. Using a website builder is the first step for a beginner. And along the way, it doesn't make much difference which website builder you choose. Sooner or later, there will be a need for manual revision due to the fact that:
  • Small selection of templates. Basically, these are several key formats - site structures, decorated with different pictures. This technique creates the appearance of a plurality of templates to choose from, but in fact, in the end, the site for the sale of spare parts will not differ in any way from the site for the sale of buns
  • Lack of functionality. Many plugins you will buy.
  • Rigidity of settings.
  • Difficulties with promotion
  • The task of any designer is to lure you, that is, to force you to create a site for free that you won't refuse, because it's easy to do it again. You are attracted by buttons: "Try now", "Create for free", etc.
A website builder is good only in case of creating a landing page for contextual advertising or a simple one-pager, without claims for design and author's "troubles".