How do i get started in programing?

Started by the_architect, Jun 23, 2022, 06:22 AM

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Quote from: -DM- on Aug 05, 2022, 07:57 AMStart with a basic level.

PHP is a hard skill.
You must know and understand the basic syntax, principles and techniques of working with code, and also be able to freely practice understanding and reading your own code, sometimes someone else's.
For example: you are given a task - "initialize a variable, assign a new value with type integer and display the specified value on the page/screen".
Here you should understand what is at stake, what needs to be done and what should happen.


Quote from: Newport on Aug 05, 2022, 08:29 AMyou are given a task - "initialize a variable, assign a new value with type integer and display the specified value on the page/screen".

Well, something like this:

1 $num = '1';
2 echo (is_integer($num)) ? "$num is a number" : "$num is a string";

Unfortunately, in practice, "basic knowledge of PHP" should be much higher (((

I recommend reading:
To start.
And PHP, yes, hard skill.

If you just want to learn how to create websites - take a free hosting, put Wordpress there, and get creative. Good luck!
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Quote from: -DM- on Aug 05, 2022, 12:26 PM... yes, hard skill.

You wrote everything correctly.
Only here
Quote from: -DM- on Aug 05, 2022, 12:26 PM(is_integer($num))
I would not take parentheses. Still, "basic knowledge". :P
Additionally, the_architect I would recommend looking at the MySQL description. Also interesting.
I will support -DM-, - in working with WP you will need, or maybe not need, just a couple of buttons to press in phpMyAdmin. Just. ;)


The first thing I want to wish - start small, it's a must. Do not try to grab a lot of topics at the same time, it is better to study one script or program

Kitty Solam

There are more than 350 programming languages, but for a successful career, you can choose from the most popular ones. It would be even more correct to first decide the area in which you are going to work, and only then proceed to the choice of language.

One of the best languages for beginners is Python. This popular general-purpose language is good for its conciseness and simplicity of syntax; it is actively used in IT companies around the world.

Other popular languages are Java and C. They are more difficult, especially for beginners, but mastering them provides a better understanding of what you are doing and which is happening with your application. Together with the Pascal language, the C language is usually studied at the university at specialized faculties.

The use of other programming languages depends on the purpose of the activity. For example, php, Java, ruby are popular as server languages.
Of the client side languages, Java Script is the most promising. C++ is required to develop complex high-load projects. Games are written in the same language. Another promising area is the development of applications for mobile devices. Java, Objective-C, Swift are used here.
Any experienced programmer knows many languages, but at work he writes code in only one of them.


If you are a beginner, then you should get the basic knowledge first. A novice programmer should have mathematical knowledge and at least a little understanding of linear algebra, so it will be easier for him to learn languages. Decide in which area you want to develop, so it will be easier for you to decide in which direction you want to study and work in the future. ;)


So, I think that first you should decide which programming language to study. If you want to create websites, then you should study HTML, JavaScript and PHP. If you want to develop mobile applications, then Java, Kotlin for Android and Swift for iOS. If you are interested in machine learning or data analysis, then you should choose Python. I hope that helped!