Abuse-resistant hosting

Started by alex.thomson, Oct 22, 2022, 02:52 AM

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alex.thomsonTopic starter

Is the phrase "Abuse-resistant web hosting" relevant now?
against the background of everything that is happening in the world, with all the laws, restrictions, blockages, courts.


Abuses are also different.
If we talk about legislation, laws and restrictions are different in different countries. So, it is possible to approach some databases flexibly (not to block the site, but to send a notification about a certain claim).
But this does not mean that you can create anything on webhosting. A good hosting provider will not miss outright criminality.
As for spam, again, such activity harms other customers. If the hoster is aimed at a serious legal business, he will protect the interests of his clients and will not allow spam mailings.

So the concept of abuse stability is stretchable and it is necessary to consider what kind of abuses arrive on web site.
Let's not confuse different concepts. Abusability is essentially ignoring the laws. And such companies existed, but all for the time being. And different legislation by country is not abuse resistance, it's just different legislation.


Very cheap, but at the same time reliable. One GB of disk space is like a "minus", but 50 GB of traffic and unlimited MySQL databases (a data base server for a large number of users) makes up for this disadvantage. The reviews are good, but some users complain that sometimes the sites hang.
What you can do: doorways, spam.

Hosting with a demo period of a week and properly working technical support. There is a wide range of services and not only in terms of abuzostability. Comprehensive offers are pleasing. The bonus system, a variety of payment methods, and an easy-to-understand control panel became another pleasant thing. Geography of dedicated servers: Germany, the Netherlands, Canada.
What you can do: doorways ("black" sites that redirect to other resources)
What is not allowed: certain Š°dult content and product replicas.