аdult hosting and domain. What to choose, where to register

Started by Valerya, Jul 29, 2022, 05:08 AM

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ValeryaTopic starter


I want to try to go into the аdult theme and I don't know where to choose a hosting provider and registrar. The site will contain stories with various kinds of perversions, but without zoo, children, etc. content. Stories can and will be accompanied by pictures and gifs. Content can be posted by any registered subscriber. Well, something like a forum or a live feed for communication on interests. There will be no video content on the site.

I have a few questions.
1. Hosting provider. Found in France, have not tried it yet, but support said that there are no problems. Place a warning in a popup and use it. All right? Is pоrnography legal in France?
2. Registrar. Where is good place to register a domain?
3. Domain name And what if you register a domain in the .fr zone? And on which personal data: real or fake?

I really ask for your advice. Thanks.


I would switch dns to Cloudflare and get an international domain with private protection.
Maybe even if you don't go into forbidden topics (dp, zoo, escort, etc.) and don't have traffic of hundreds of thousands of visitors, then nobody needs your website, there are thousands of such pоrn sites.

And even if this website suddenly interests somebody, you can always recoil on the principle "I'm not me, my butt is not mine" (let them prove that the scans were not stolen) or on the principle "these are just erоtic stories", "videos are posted on other sites" etc.
I believe any lawyer will easily dismiss you, if it ever comes to that. It makes sense to take security measures when the topic is too forbidden (dp or a brothel for example) or your site has reached the level of pоrnhub, then you need a foreign registrar, and scans left, and even payments.

Gareth Allford

If the site is forum-like or something similar (no video content), and there is no internal selling, then pоrnography works on a relaxed formula. However, if every registered user can post photos, gifs, and so on, then you should install a network blocker with key queries.

In France, parnography is legal, but if you sell on the site (pоrnographic - digital), then you need a system to protect the purchase of children (in France it has appeared since 2020).

Feel free to register the site for France, but don't forget the age limit sign and so on at the entrance. It is better not to register .fr - there will be no problems with the law, but there will be with traffic. Not all registrars allow you to register for fake documents (especially when paying with a card).

Cody Babcock

There are different sites where аdult content is allowed - I mean hosting, but it happens that there are problems with the law later on. I know three sites where you won't have a problem with this - no matter what your material is - pоrn videos or selling аdult lingerie. webmasters.com (formerly аdultHosting.com) has been in business since 1994 and has many good features; tmdhosting.com - reliable hosting for 18 and 21+, and besides, it has a strong build. Of the more famous ones, I can single out Hostinger, but not everyone likes it.