Bad hosting

Started by cassie_camay, Nov 10, 2022, 04:12 AM

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I'm a freelancer, I write web sites, it's more of a hobby, but it also brings an irregular but large income.
I was immensely pleased with the hosting of the Majordomo hosting, but a terrible thing happened. Someone very smart blew up one site that I wrote. Everything would be fine, but the tech support of the majordomo-stupid ghouls-schmucks-even the logs don't know how to look at, they blamed me-like my scripts are too loose.

Critters and bad gays, I have more than 300 sites on their hosting-the same scripts everywhere, nothing fell anywhere, but here, like, everything fell at once and cannot be restored. I feel uncomfortable in front of the owner of the site-and not to explain that it happens-in the hosting tech support-hand-ass lazy creatures.
I will buy other hosting accounts and take my sites away - and the majordomo will lose the client. I don't even know how else to solve this problem. For 9 years I have kept sites with them, for 8 years I have not reproached them, and now I will never call them anything other than faggots.


I had a website. The girl is sawing on instruments, art, everything. He writes articles for a narrow circle of people.

So no-it's not enough that they broke it-and hosting is responsible for preventing DDOS and eliminating the consequences-these creatures also crashed logs so that I didn't decompose in court, examination that they are hand-assed sheep.

I repeat myself of course. But my anger is great. There are a lot of cases in the main business, but after the holidays I will go to the Ministry of Internal Affairs-department K and the FSB. I'm a sole proprietor, I don't break the laws, I had all the creatures in my mouth who don't know how to do anything.