Becoming a Hosting Provider

Started by rabindra, Oct 11, 2022, 01:24 AM

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Good day to everybody. I understand correctly. I'll write right away - I'm not a tech guy. I am a humanitarian.

 A place (racks) is rented
 Servers are bought and put there.
 A web site is being made + a program is being written (personal account / hosting, etc.).
 And you are a hosting provider.

We are talking about the usual virtual web hosting - 4 tariffs, for instance.
As I understand it, there will be no problems with the scalability of such an option. New clients - new servers and places are bought for them, etc.


support equipment ..
this is if you rent a rack and twist something small there ..
again , a legal entity .. it 's not so easy to mess everything up in terms of launching and so on ..
iron supply, instant response, and so on.

Converter-СОРМ, concentrator 28xE1, 4U
The equipment Converter-СОРМ, concentrator, PBX M-200 provides up to 26 streams of E1 by order 268 at the input (up to 26 PBX), at the output 1/2 stream of E1 to the СОРМ CONSOLE by order No. 268, 4U.

Well, СОРМ for the hosting provider may not be needed, as well as licenses on this topic, but in general the position of the regulator: a license is not needed, but if you add telematics and PD, you will need, and everything that is included in the license requirements.

But there are a lot of problems, and not much money.
By the way, for some reason they forgot about the sales department, as well as SEO /SMM devouring a shitty budget.


And it is necessary to add that it is necessary to constantly work on improving the security of servers - because this is exactly what clients are looking for. You need to be at least one step ahead of hаckers. And it is not so simple. And technical support needs constant attention. Therefore - so much and.


How to become a hosting provider? This question torments those who want to earn good money, but, at the same time, do not invest a lot of money in starting their business. From this article you will learn how to become a hosting provider.
To form a "full-fledged" hosting, you will need expensive equipment, a large staff of highly qualified personnel and money to implement all this. You can't do without decent expenses here.

But I suggest you go the "other way". Become a reseller. Reselling, translated from English, means resale. In this case, the resale of the hosting package, which is purchased at a wholesale price in smaller parts.
Reselling can be compared to wholesalers in everyday life. Take, for example, аlcoholic beverages. You buy a large batch of Martinis from a major supplier of аlcoholic beverages and sell it in small parts. Or bottles immediately in the store.
You get profit in the difference in wholesale and retail price. Buying a Martini from you, no one thinks about where you got it from, where you bought it.

If you have become a reseller of a large hosting company, and began to sell hosting. To be more precise, to provide hosting services to web sites. At the same time, your customers do not even know about the existence of a large hosting provider above. And all your clients get their own independent control panel. And you are the Manager's control panel, with which:
You can: open/close/suspend client accounts, track spent traffic and disk space for each client, change tariff plans and much more. You decide how much disk space, traffic, mailboxes, MySQL databases, etc. to give to clients.