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Started by Zora2012, Jul 27, 2022, 02:20 AM

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Zora2012Topic starter

Hi, tell me about billing. Completely confused when choosing.
Which one to choose. What to guide.

Currently choosing from:
dAdmin or AVA-Panel. What will be the viewpoints? Maybe something else?
I will carefully listen to your viewpoint.
Thank you.


We use bPanel ... you need to configure a web server for it, and not contrary.
Generally, the best billing is the one that is written individually for some hosting provider.

Also, the AVA Panel is simply the aerobatics of curvature, I bought this rubbish for one day and fussed with it, technical support rolled into one.


There are many different billing panels. First of all, I strongly recommend rejecting free solutions. They are not safe, and transactions with your money depend on the work of billing, you should not neglect security here. Most of the billing software is paid solutions.

In my case, I did not invent a bicycle and limited myself to the most common solution — WHMCS ( ).
That panel has many advantages: regular updates, support for many web hosting control panels and domain registrars, a user-friendly interface for both admin and user. Licenses for WHMCS come with a subscription fee and are for life.
Licenses are supplied by many resellers, among which I strongly recommend . The guys themselves develop payment modules of different systems. Their technical support is very adequate and friendly.