Started by selearnerlive, Oct 03, 2022, 03:03 AM

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What do you say about GoDaddy web hosting? pros and cons, do you advise?
And what about domains, does it make sense to register domains there?


I have a mixed impression of working with GoDaddy. On the one hand, a functional personal account, various discounts and good resources for the money they ask for.
On the other hand, the connection is just disgusting. FTP works every other time, about 40% of the transfers are successful, and 60% of the timeout crashes something else.
Everything is much better with the site itself, uptime is about 90%, but not more, since the site was also often unavailable.
generally, for me, from the point of view of communication, this hosting is not suitable at all.
I bought it only because there was a promotion, for $10 web hosting for a year + domain + private domain.
The biggest disadvantage is that technical support is only by phone.
The mail() function does not work at all, you have to connect third-party services.


I strongly do not recommend it. Especially for Joomla. Yes, it's beautiful, yes, show-offs, yes, a well-known hosting provider.
The brakes are godless, and this summer something was overdone with the servers - Akeeba Backup officially disowned those who are hosted on GoDaddy and said that their software does not work there. He took a couple of American clients from their hosting, now they will not be happy.