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Started by spyindiaanu, Sep 04, 2022, 12:18 AM

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How to create own ftp server to give people direct links to download files?
I've tried all programs, but it all boils down to the fact that I can download it at home, and the person to whom I give the link gives an error.
I've been sitting for five hours already.

For some reason, I have three left servers coming out of the available IP servers, which start at works on these, but on my own, which starts at 212, it does not go - this is in the sense of the address: It turns out like this: It works and I can download it, but I give it to other users - it doesn't work.


It's very simple ..
First you need to have a permanent IP address on your computer.
Then you download the Serv-U program and install it .
Everything is pretty simple and works just super. The main thing is that you can give for each user to give a separate pack and the rights only to download and not create anything inside.
Or download with the rights and obligation to also give something to your computer, too.. That is, 5 files have been downloaded, 1 for example must be given..

The rest is simple.

And if there is a Windows server on the computer, then you can use the already built-in FTP server.

1) FTP server is more secure than distributing via Microsoft Sharing
2) You can configure FTP access without creating users on your computer
You can create your own separate logins for the FTP server
3) You can limit the download speed

Better take the Filezilla Server program.


if we say that that is a local network between two computers or three, then of course they, when connected to the same router, work according to a defect to one working group, which is called - WORKGROUP..

go to the control panel - system - and you will see that all computers are in the same group..
It is only necessary to give them permission among themselves to view folders, as instantly all folders to which we have given permission to view or even modify files will appear on the local network... also downloading or uploading...
and the speed wakes up a hundred times faster than doing all that via China via FTP web server..

well, I understand if we are talking about connecting via an external Internet to a computer, then of course YES.
and that is provided if you have a statistical IP address that will never change.
that's why my answer was like that...

Unless, of course, we are talking about your fucking Internet providers who fool around there all the time and offer their dynamic addresses and their local network there as a type of Internet local throughout the city.. it's crazy.... it generally costs free by the way for them.
Then it's all called someone else.


You can get these links on the DropBox website. In general, I did this at home - install FileZilla Server, it's not difficult to configure it, then if you work through a router, configure Port Forwarding, if not, just give your friends (acquaintances) your IP.