How to do hosting reselling?

Started by irfanyounas, Sep 19, 2022, 12:30 AM

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There is practically unlimited server disk space. Also unlimited DB and everything else ..
What do I need to become a hosting reseller? What scripts, etc. Tell me please..


unlimited  disk space and everything else unlimited . It's not enough for you to do hosting reselling. You must have a reseller account by itself, i.e. the ability to create separate accounts.
For instance, if the cPanel panel is used on the server, then you need access to the WHM panel at the reseller level.
the main thing is: clients, and they grow up in small design studios, for instance, and until there are at least 4-8 clients, then it will not be profitable to do this "from scratch".
To begin with, you can try to register in the Affiliate program and see how many customers will come to your link and order web hosting.


Resale of hosting is carried out using special software, the process looks quite simple:

    A reseller rents a server from a large provider, on which the software necessary for reselling hosting is installed in semi-automatic mode. Usually the package includes cPanel and WHM/WHMCS.

  The reseller creates accounts for its customers and provides access to the cPanel panel.

  Customers work with the reseller on the terms set by him, paying for services through the panel in automatic mode. Renting a hosting for them is no different from working with a regular top-level provider.

In fact, reselling is an intermediary activity in which the reseller provides services under its own brand and sets its own tariffs. He does not have to deal with the maintenance of the hardware and software of the server, but communication with end customers and technical support at the hosting level falls entirely on his shoulders.

How to become a reseller?
To do this, you need to rent a dedicated server and install the selected server OS distribution on it, as well as the software necessary for reselling hosting.
This approach is quite simple and least expensive, so you can become a full-fledged hosting provider without major financial investments.
All the necessary equipment is already installed in the data center and configured.
Your tasks include only working with clients and solving their technical problems.