How to get a client base for hosting reselling?

Started by akeelow, Aug 04, 2022, 02:13 AM

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akeelowTopic starter

I decided to start hosting reselling, but before creating the site I want to get at least 20 clients.
What is the best way to build a client base?

I understand that now there are VERY many hosting providers with real physical servers. But every day, newbies come to Internet who do not need serious hosting, but want to try to "create a website." Well, or install CMS. Well, or work fine with the base.


About a year ago - I also started thinking about my reseller based hosting. Now I have a hosting company **-****.fr

so I think I can give you some advice

It is really better to start having first clients. But with all due respect, at least you need to make a site - at first simple - a background, a logo, a greeting and 2-3 pages - including a page with tariffs (albeit approximate ones) - then you will at least have something to show.

then you need to decide who to buy reselling from. (you can contact me in private - I will give advice).

then save money to buy a reseller account for at least 3 months ($30-50), then buy a Cpanel script - $30
all install, configure and get started.

and to kick the customer base for starters - advice - find a forum where forum members have a need for small websites of their own, or for placing files on ftp .... and offer them discounts and conditions ...

At all sorts of business trainings (especially in MLM) they say that you need to start with your friends: we make a list and start negotiations.
With acquaintances, you can agree on placing a link to your hosting from their resource, and on other ways of cooperation.
I opened my office, advertised it in just a few forums (even not the most famous ones) and went to bed, and in the morning my first client appeared (he paid for a year of hosting right away).


In fact, the reselling model is quite simple. In our case, the owner of a small company, someone resells the services of Ivan's large data center. At the same time, his clients do not know that these services are actually provided by another company. With this scheme, the selling party is usually called a provider, and the reselling party is called a reseller.

generally, reselling does not require special software: entrepreneurs can process customer orders manually, for example, by exchanging information via email. But they don't like this idea, because it's easier and more reliable to accept payments, issue services and issue closing documents automatically. The automation tool can be BILLmanager.

It is not difficult to organize reselling in BILLmanager.
The provider only needs to create special tariffs for resellers and think over the policy of providing services. The reseller must create a new type of service and integrate its billing with the provider's billing by copying its tariffs. After that, he will be able to resell these services under his own brand and through his billing.