How to give access to website for a coder/designer?

Started by vinodkumar, Aug 17, 2022, 10:11 AM

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vinodkumarTopic starter

I try never to give access to my websites, I usually do everything myself, sometimes layout designers, designers have to work alone, to correct something.

For instance, I need to give access to the templates folder (I create a separate FTP account, I can trace the user's actions), it seems to be limited to one folder, but if you wish, you can upload some script and do whatever you want.

How can I protect myself? Is it possible to add some rule to .htaccess or something else? for instance, so that you can't run scripts, etc. .. on the other hand, you can add whatever you want to the template and run it through the website, it's not clear ..



Faced the same problem. The SEOs had access to the company's site, and every time I was blown away, looking at the consequences of their work.
Consequences are side; no, no one did any harm. It's just that the qualifications of these boys-girls were... appropriate, and the website was not simple.

The answer is -  you can't protect yourself from unprofessionalism. Make regular backups, which will make it possible to roll back to any previously created restore point at any time. I would also raise git, it makes it easy to track 100% of all changes made to files (but not to db): opened the console, git log, git status, git diff - everything is in full view.


Never save money, hire a reliable and proven contractor, as well as conclude a paper contract, where you prescribe all the details of what needs to be done, what is not necessary. And of course backups. Put the site in a separate folder or on a subdomain, and close it with a password, from indexing, etc.
You grant the performer access only to a folder or subdomain, he will do it, you check if everything is fine, made the current backup and overwritten it.


Isolate the master components (put them on a separate deaf and God-forsaken page and lock them with "locks"), and prepare "reference copies" for the layout designer instead of them — copies checked by checklists that he can safely dissect.
Well, either "as always": give the link so that the layout designer copies the file to his drafts with the "Duplicate to drafts" button, which is free and removes questions about adding an "editor".
A designer works calmly in his local files according to the same principle, and when ready, he throws out changes to a public file.