Hyper-V for windows reseller VPS?

Started by Drupas, Jun 27, 2022, 03:34 AM

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DrupasTopic starter


i want to ask about windows vps virtualization for reseller. I want to automatic provisioning when the customer check out. Currently i am using hyper-v, setup manually and send login manually to customer too. My website using wordpress+WHMCS. i am looking for automation system to do this. Is it possible using hyper v integrate with whmcs?. I used hyper-v for more than 2 years, customer happy with it, and also i used host's official license of windows server for all VPS.

Please kindly share your suggestion.


I could get with RDC on the latest version of Windows Server was with Hyper-V and 4GB RAM. But, I'm using a resource-intensive piece of software that keeps track of software updates for client Windows machines.

Caveat: I only tried Windows VPS hosting, and never tried setting up my own. And I did get acceptable performance from OVH with KVM but it cost me nearly $40/month for the VPS. I'm paying less than $10/month for a Hyper-V VPS.


HyperVPS is a fast and powerful VPS server on the Windows operating system with Hyper-V virtualization, I personally used it. I was satisfied. For the knowledgeable, it is easy to use and copes with its task