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Started by Helen, Jul 06, 2022, 10:15 AM

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My site is running on a VPS with Ubuntu. The good news is that at any time the disk space, memory and even the number of cores can be changed directly in the panel. Prices are similar to 1VDS, but in terms of performance and support, I like it better here.


VPS is a good solution for large web portals, which are also aimed at development. If the site is small, for example, a corporate website of a company, a personal blog, or an information site that is filled with articles several times a week, then you can safely use the simplest hosting.


I rented virtual hosting here for a long time, eventually moved to another provider.
The last straw was - when the websites were hаcked, I began to dive into technical details. The sites are not isolated, they are not engaged in isolation.
Another dissatisfaction was caused by the following: when moving from a tariff to another tariff (new), it was necessary to physically transfer websites with handles.
The php version is outdated, we were not going to upgrade.
There are a lot of positive reviews , bought for the promotion.
Domain renewal is terribly expensive, if in real life it costs $10 to renew the domain, they charge $15. This is what they earn.