Reselling or VDS

Started by linavi390, Jul 13, 2022, 09:48 AM

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Tell me please good people, I'm tired of running around hosting with my sites and clients' sites - the fact is that I'm a webmaster and I do projects for clients and I would like to immediately host their site.
So tell me if I can take not reseller account but just buy a VDS and distribute it?

And if so, then immediately such a question:
Will it be easy for me to migrate my clients from a smaller VDS to a more powerful one as clients grow?
Is it possible to transfer from VDS to Dedicated if it suddenly reaches such a scale?

Well, show please the advantages of this or that option.


It is necessary to understand the principle of servers and panels operation. Usually reseller panels have cPanel in it, usually client accounts are registered as user.

On a VPS or a regular server - as you ask, i.e. you will have to backup in the cPanel, transfer it to the vps and prescribe it there as well (this is to make it more convenient). more or less like this...

+ Can you tell us the price of the VPS that you found?


In fact, there is not much difference between VPS and VDS. If VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, then VDS stands for Virtual Private Server. In both the first and second cases, your sites are hosted on a dedicated server. I like VDS. Unlimited space, stable operation of sites, technical support.


most of the offers here will not be a full-fledged server reselling, but a regular affiliate program.
Full-fledged reselling (with the ability to issue limits different from the provider) was in the outdated VDSmanager, the current VM/VEmanager ISP does not have such an opportunity.
But this is about ISP products. To be honest, apart from the ISP, I have not met VDS server reselling anywhere else.
When disk space is allocated, and you cut it into pieces as you like.
Now they are waiting for CloudLinux, when they will teach you how to do double limits root -> reseller (Limit) -> user (limit set by reseller)
The principle for VDS would be the same as in reselling (regarding OpenVZ), 4 Gb frames and 4 full processor cores were exposed to the reseller
And he has already sawed 512 MB of frame and half a core

it is more difficult with KVM, there is no way to cut the processor frequency, so when reselling, the number of cores will be equal to the maximum number of VDS for the reseller
Well, this is how I see VDS reselling at the moment.