Is https required

Started by ManiQuadraIncorp, Jul 19, 2022, 12:36 AM

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ManiQuadraIncorpTopic starter

I decided to register a domain for some site, the question arose of how important it is to have an ssl certificate. https.
Is this certificate tied to a domain or hosting?
And advise a good domain registrar and hosting provider.


Not required, but desirable. What is the purpose of your site being created?

The certificate is bound to a domain. Although, there are different types, but it seems that everything clings to domain + somewhere to subdomains.

Hosting - fornex or cloud4box
Domains - namecheap


The importance of having an ssl certificate . i.e. https. it directly depends on the goals. This certificate is issued for the domain and the hosting compliance is checked. And the main thing is that the domain registrar and hosting should be different offices.