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Started by HarshMehra, Nov 18, 2022, 02:55 AM

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So, the opinion of website developers is interesting.
I ordered a business card web site a year ago. Paid $1K. I coordinated the design, everything is beautiful. Now it's up to me: fill it with photos of finished products.
But the work didn't go well. I "forgot" about the site, pushed back "until good times".

I am a simple user, I did not know that I need to pay for the domain once a year, the extension of hosting registration.
The developer called to warn that access to the site would disappear, everything would be deleted, blood-guts - did not get through and that was it.
There was not a single letter in the mail, although before that we communicated via e-mail, discussed the site, there were questions and answers, more than 20 letters.

And now it turns out that the "files are lost", the site has been deleted and you need to pay to restore it (although only 6 thousand). But that's not the question.
WHY didn't they write me a letter? I didn't pick up the phone - I was sick, resting, didn't hear, didn't pick up the phone. Is it really difficult to write me two sentences?

Of course I would have paid for the domain extension.
What is your opinion about this?


The site developer was initially wrong not to introduce you to the course about the need for annual extensions at the beginning of the work or at its completion.
On the other hand, he may have mentioned it in passing, but you didn't pay attention to it.
On the third hand, if you have already accepted a job from him and the relationship with him is completed, he is not obliged to remember and monitor your problems for free.

On the fourth hand, your ignorance of the need to renew the domain and web hosting .. well, I don't know...
But on the fifth hand, it is very alarming that the developer did not register your email in the hosting provider's personal account after the work was completed, but (apparently) left his own.
Because warnings from the provider are sent to the contact email by the time the contract expires daily. Well, or the provider is so left-wing... but in general, they also come from the domain registrar all the time.
So it looks like the developer planned to cut a pretty penny in advance.