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Title: Looking for excessive cpu/ram UK located reseller
Post by: SHADOW_FANTOM on Jul 02, 2022, 01:36 AM
Looking for a touch recommendation as every dealer of reseller hosting appears to cover critical information.

My requirements:
- 2cpu in line with CPanel account
- 4g ram in line with CPanel account
- Unlimited NVMe storage throughout plan
- Unlimited bandwidth
- Daily backups
- Staging options (which I expect WordPress package does?)

My confusions:
- every reseller states "cpu cores" however with out a information what cpu or speed this is?
- every reseller states "4gb ram" however once more what speed is the ram? 2600/3200?
- a few resellers state NVMe storage "wherein possible" - why is that this now no longer guaranteed ?

I'm presently searching at
- stablepoint (I consider is powered via way of means of upmind?)
- (which could require boosting a few CPanel customers to get better ram)
- guru (reseller pro) - has limits on storage
- Asura web hosting - this appears too suitable to be true? I would really like someone's mind on their reseller four alternative with limitless cpu, NVMe, bandwidth (however no point out of ram)

- are there are fundamental pro/cons with the providers listed?
- does absolutely everyone recognize of any others to recommend?
- how could I discover that's the quickest provider out of the above?
Title: Re: Looking for excessive cpu/ram UK located reseller
Post by: diy05 on Jul 02, 2022, 01:44 AM
Not certain approximately limitless storage, specially if NVMe SSD, because it is not reasonably-priced to run and is one of the maximum costly resources for a provider. However, your different requirements are affordable so long as they're inside your budget.

Do you understand how lots storage you're using? Likely higher to pick out a plan that meets your requirements than try and pass for "limitless". There are numerous small-print restrictions for something advertised as " limitless".
Title: Re: Looking for excessive cpu/ram UK located reseller
Post by: zetta81 on Jul 02, 2022, 01:55 AM
It's really well worth bearing in thoughts any 'limitless' providers you discover might also additionally have a honest use policy in place, take a look at the terms of provider first.

Have a consider how a great deal disk area you realistically require, and with the aid of using simply ruling out hosts that don't offer 'limitless' you're ruling out quite a few precise hosts who're probable higher than the limitless providers who nonetheless offer a respectable quantity of disk space.

If you're pressured approximately what the hosts above provide why now no longer touch them immediately and get a sense for their pre sales assist and reaction times etc?
Title: Re: Looking for excessive cpu/ram UK located reseller
Post by: lirik on Aug 30, 2022, 11:01 AM
Hostinger for UK hosting
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