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Started by autorenta, Jun 26, 2022, 01:22 PM

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I looking for a hosting provider that provides true unlimited storage. I have client emails totaling 200gb and growing.
Any suggestions for a reseller host that would be able to accommodate this? I keep running into companies that say "unlimited" but the fine print says email accounts are capped at 10gp or 500000 nodes. Any assistance would be appreciated!


Honestly, you need a dedicated server, not a shared/reseller account.

If you are unable to administrate a dedicated server yourself, then you should either hire an admin to manage it for you or obtain a managed dedicated server from a reputable provider.

Either way, you're not going to get away with having 200GB in mail with a shared/reseller account with any reputable host.
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You can't find something that doesn't exist.
I am going to assume anything you would consider will need to be less than the cost of a coffee.


For large web projects that are also growing over time, it is best to choose a dedicated server or a cloud server. I advise you to study the conditions from hosting GoDaddy and DreamHost. They provide services for both small projects and mail services. You may be able to find a suitable tariff plan here.

Alan Fleming

No one can offer you an absolutely infinite amount of free space, however, dedicate servers can provide you with space under 16 TB. Few? Then contact technical support and knock out individual conditions.
Here is a list of companies I trust:
It is worth remembering that servers with a large pocket cost from $150 per month.


Reseller servers won't accommodate limitless storage to your clients, you better create your own or pay for a dedicated server, also you'll need protect their data so i guess it's gonna be kinda expensive


For 10 years I have been using WD MyCloud EX2 - a network drive connected to the network at home. You put 2 identical disks and set up mirroring (if one fails, the copy will be on the second, it will automatically recover after replacing the disk). Access both from home and from the Internet (essentially the same cloud, only your own). Yes, it's expensive, but it pays off in the long run, plus the volumes depend only on how much money is not a pity for disks (I now have 2 such NAS, 20 TB in total - all archives from the early 2000s, current backups (including automatic backups of home computers once a month in case of system failure), synchronization with all the family's mobile phones (photos from phones immediately fly there), movies, mulitiki for viewing on TV, an ftp server so that photographers would take pictures of me from filming, etc. All settings are simple and pleasant to the eye - no need to poke around in the console or put linux there, as many do when buying more advanced NAS


Dropbox can be called the third most popular service after Google Drive. In addition to storing files, there is a real-time data synchronization function from any devices and the ability to transfer large files of 2 GB and 100 GB (depending on the tariff). The service has functionality for working together on files.
Files can be shared even with users who are not registered in Dropbox.
Storage size: 2 TB, 3 TB, 5 TB, unlimited volume at the most expensive tariff.
Free space: no, but there is a trial plan for 14 days.

Box is an American service for storing and sharing files. But this is not just a cloud service, but also a tool for automating business processes - in Box you can create tasks for a team, work together with files, configure roles for employees and view statistics. That is, it is a cloud storage + mini-CRM.
Storage size: 10 GB, 100 GB, unlimited storage size on some Business plans.
Free space: 10 GB.

Google Drive is a cloud storage from Google. It allows you to edit files, provide access to colleagues to collaborate on documents, tables and presentations. The service is linked to other Google tools — Calendar, Tasks and Google Keep. This is one of the most popular services for working with documents in the cloud.
Storage size: 15 GB, 100 GB, 200 GB and 2 TB.
Free space: 15 GB