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Started by diy05, Jun 17, 2022, 12:21 PM

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We need to migrate all our clients to a new reseller hosting as our current host decided to suspend us by month end saying we recently had several abuse cases from clients, we tried explaining all those clients are from WHT then he replied with something like this:

"We also tried to accommodate you as much as we could. Not only to you, but that applies to all other resellers, too. We increased our prices for reseller hosting, but we didn't increase your prices , even after price hikes from cPanel and after we increased prices on our website."

looking for something preferably outside cPanel scope and with similar specs or better as follows:-

150 GB NVMe Storage
100+ hosting accounts



If you must stick to cPanel over DirectAdmin, respectfully as others have stated you may want to raise your price, however if you must use cPanel I personally recommend RackNerd, I have used them for some other projects and they are amazing and very affordable.
Currently they only advertise a 60 account reseller, but you might be able to contact their sales dept and see if they can accommodate you and your needs.


Never checked into regxa's fees for cPanel migration, as I do mine myself. RackNerd's regular priced plans offer Free Migration, but no mention made in the WHT sale-priced plans.


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An interesting topic. I haven't had to transfer a domain yet, but this topic is very relevant. Since any person who has his own website should at least superficially understand this topic. :)