Need tips on data center organizing

Started by SEOTechniques, Sep 09, 2022, 12:03 AM

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Hello, dear forum members!
I have experience in IT, there is a non-residential room, not an office, but quite decent, rather a warehouse. I want to organize a mini data center for myself and for those who do not need highly loaded web projects.
Here I want to share the stages of work on the project and the difficulties, and I will also be happy to accept advice.
I'll attach an image later.
In stages, I want to start with the following:
1. renovation of the premises
2. ventilation, electrical equipment, fire protection
3. installation of humidity and temperature sensors
4. rack equipment
5. summing up the internet
6. starting work.

I want to place my equipment there and gradually acquire a clientele.
Surely, the calculations and the business component will also be.

Dissuade from this idea? Or will you help me with advice?


I omit the point that this is non-guaranteed power, and hypothetical customers will have to endure an indefinite amount of time (up to several days) if it turns off. similarly with the Internet, it's all obvious.

in terms of ventilation, it is necessary to put huge chillers here, you need to have a place where to stick them. you can't do with non-guaranteed cooling here, otherwise everything will burn down.
accordingly, full duplication + winter package + it is even possible to drum up a diesel engine and stir Very Happy diesel fuel in it on dark winter evenings.
well, to see who will throw optics for how much, gigabit will obviously not be enough, so you need a dozen at once, or even better fiber somewhere where the dealers are sitting in transit, and drive dwdm as much as necessary.


At the expense of the question about the ideal data center, then there is a question of ordinary calculations.
The launch cost, fixed and variable costs are estimated... everything will become clear. For example, it turned out to be more economical for us to build our own.
Even taking into account the two-line megawatt power supply and backup power for critical servers from a diesel generator based on a decommissioned steamer (at the same time, the building can be heated in case of a blackout.

If a data center can offer such a model (and most commercial data centers are able to do this), then the cooperation of a commercial data center and a corporate client can become long-lasting.
But, it is unlikely to be high-margin (since most commercial data centers can offer similar services).