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Started by Mikuchan, Nov 27, 2022, 04:12 PM

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MikuchanTopic starter

Hi all! I want to buy a new hosting for a website for watching movies online. Which is better to choose, please tell me. Thanks in advance to everyone for the replies.


Understand one thing, the fact that hosting has some kind of framework is not a bad thing at all.
If the hosting is completely abuzo-resistant and the TP will not send you official complaints, soon after the court decision your site will get into the register of prohibited sites and you can forget about Russian traffic. Of course, Russian hosting companies / registrars block at the slightest complaint, not even a serious one, so it's better to take the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Canada, etc.


I can recommend you try to compare rates, features, compatibility, performance, and reliability.
Customer safety is the main goal for these folks.