Reseller hosting recommendation under 130$ / yr

Started by Kovtalo, Jun 24, 2022, 09:49 AM

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KovtaloTopic starter

Can someone recommend reseller web hosting up to 130 $ / year? In EU If there is such a thing. I currently own:

monthly price: 10.78 $
space: 15 GB
traffic: 1.5 TB
Free domain
SSL certificate
Maximum 10 cPanel accounts
10% CPU
I / O traffic 1024KB / s
Up to 100,000 files

I know that 130 $ a year is not much, but for me, who mostly hosts more or less at my own expense, the pages of non-profit organizations.
I have filled the quota of 10 cPanel accounts and am now using addon domains for more than 10 acc, but I would like to have more space. The pages do not have too much traffic. I would agree to the same price but with more space and cPanel accounts.

In case I choose some other hosting, will it affect the speed of the sites? I read that it depends on the location of the data center but as far as I can see most hosting offer multiple locations.


How many cPanel accounts and storage are you looking for? That's a huge factor in price.
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Have you considered DirectAdmin? You should be able to get more value for money if you head that direction.
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KovtaloTopic starter

I have not, I never used it. I guess DirectAdmin is cheaper?
I'm currently using WHM, it's simple and I like it.

I'm unable to pay more currently, I want to see if I can get a better specs for the same or less money (I know it's a long shot).
If the price is affordable to me I would transfer all of my domains to the new host upon expiration.

Gabriel Evans

How about ?

100 GB ALL SSD Storage
4x CPU power
free domain
Free SSL
Free CDN
Unlimited Emails
Unlimited Databases
Unlimited Bandwidth
7 Backups for last 7 days
SShield Cybersecurity
Fully managed cloud NVMe* VPS – easy add remove resources with one click
SPanel - a free cPanel/WHM replacement with NGINX, but better
Dedicated IP
Free 2x2 Snapshots
Unlimited bandwidth and accounts
Free & effortless migrations

There is also a free trial with a refund (30-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE). The offer price is $9.95/month.

Edwin Dunce

Let's face it, $11 a month for reseller web hosting is outrageous. But I still know several companies that offer their services for $7-9 per month, but with one amendment - this price remains only for 1 year, and after that the price will increase by 2-5 times. - from $5. There is free SSL. - from $5 (fixed price), no free ssl. - $10 per month (constant price), there are often promotions to reduce the price to $6.

Donna D. Phillips

GreenGeeks – unlimited resources and customizable packages for reselling
GreenGeeks reselling plans offer unlimited bandwidth and SSD. They also come with free WHMCS licenses and private name servers that allow you to customize the packages offered and allocate resources the way you want.
You can also complement your customers' control panels with your own brand.

InterServer – isolated client web sites for maximum security
InterServer web hosting reselling plans include all the features that are part of the Standard hosting plan. Your customers will receive cPanel, unlimited Ultra SSD storage, access to hundreds of cloud applications (including one-click installation of WordPress, Joomla, Magento and others), access to the SitePad web site builder, unlimited email accounts, free internal security, known as InterShield, and free SSL certificates.

InMotion Hosting – the best for reselling VPS web Hosting
What makes InmotionHosting stand out is that in addition to general reselling, it offers VPS reselling plans. That is ideal if you are creating more complex web sites for large clients who need more than standard shared web hosting can provide.
VPS reselling packages include free server management for the security and relevance of your infrastructure.
You also get a White Label package that allows you to create your own cPanel brand, and also includes a free WHMCS license in each plan. The disadvantage of VPS reselling plans is that you only get 5 cPanels, as opposed to 25-80, which are given in shared web hosting reselling plans.

Kamatera – flexible reselling options without prior investment
With Kamatera, you have two reselling options. The first option is to buy and sell directly, purchasing services and goods at a wholesale price, and then sell them to your customers at any retail price you set. The second option is to register in the White Label Reseller Hosting program, which allows you to set up a control panel for your own branding.

The great thing about both of these options is that no prior investment is needed – Kamatera provides all the necessary tools, and you pay a percentage of the total monthly income from customers. That means that you will never have to pay for resources that you don't need.
Kamatera allows you to choose a basic or fully managed cloud VPS service that can be scaled if necessary.
In any case, cloud servers provide infinite scalability and availability, server setup in less than a minute, no hardware maintenance, and simple backup and monitoring.