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Started by anya_catherine, Jul 31, 2022, 11:41 PM

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Need to know some personal experience.
Please, tell about different reseller providers and other services required for web hosting reselling. Which of them are more preferable for you? Why? What about commissions? And which of them are suitable for newbies?
Thanks in advance!


Best web hosting provider in 2022
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How to choose the right web hosting service for you?

Web hosting services provide you with a "plot of land" in the Internet space, where your "home" - the website - will be located. If you have a website, it must be online. Web hosting services act as a host that will host your web page and make it live on the web so that your customers can access it from the URL link.

Different types of web hosting services work with different industries. Some web hosting companies develop the entire site for you, while others only provide "a piece of land with a shovel". Depending on your business model and size, you will be able to choose a hosting company based on the following factors. After familiarizing yourself with the terminology, you can determine which features are important to you and select the services that best suit your company's needs.

How to choose the best hosting company?


Reseller hosting is what you need to start your work on the Internet and get your first money. Since it is not necessary to install any physical equipment. For these purposes, I can recommend the hosting provider Erichost. He has cheap and simple services. Suitable for novice developers or young companies. Provides optimal plans for hosting your website. It has good technical support, SSD storage and high bandwidth.