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Started by Zora2012, Nov 07, 2022, 07:29 AM

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I need hosting .. although it is difficult to call it web hosting, in total, the volume of files on the site will reach 10 TB within six months... well, then it is planned to reach the limit of 90 TB..
now the question.. after reading the rates for renting servers, it came to me that, as a rule, they put up to 4 Tb in one computer? or is it possible more?..
and do they rent out such volumes at all?? or is it easier to buy own server in the future and place it in the data center?

and another question, can files of the same domain lie on several servers at the same time?


CDN - if you need to speed up the return of site statics in other countries. It is good, for instance, for a multilingual website that has traffic coming from Western Europe, the USA, the Far East and in equal parts that you don't even know who to give priority to.
CDN will help to make the site load the same for all clients. But I think you didn't ask for that.

I suspect that the server is taken for file web hosting, and for this you need a Storage Server.
I took one and a half years ago. I placed the dynamics on a server with a powerful 2*Xeon processor and SSD screws, and for large-size statics, there was another server with 15 x 3 TB nearby.
They were connected by a separate gigabit uplink. Thus, it was possible to solve both with a place for files and with productivity and with price, and of course with scalability, since soon another one was needed and another one was delivered nearby and order. To expect that you will take 90 TB screws under the files and the issue is closed forever is naïve) It is better to think about how to solve the scalability problem quickly and simply.

I took the servers here
I advise you to write to support and find out how much it will cost.
And I also strongly advise you to get an experienced admin.


about scaleway.
I have such a project that I need small capacities, but several different servers (they insure each other and different locations), so I am constantly rummaging at the very bottom of VPS hosting (ovh, hetzner, scaleway). So Scaleway (dev1ce, 2.99 Eur + VAT) has the highest benchmarks. And the uptime is very good. Although it is good for all the listed hosting providers.