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Started by jeyavinoth, Sep 26, 2022, 03:19 AM

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jeyavinothTopic starter

I noticed the missing pages of web site on WP a couple of months ago. I turned to beget, gave access to the admin panel, and they said they couldn't check. Why they asked for access is not clear.
Now everything is new, again about 40 pages have been deleted.
I'm sure that's not all yet, I've just started searching in the webmaster for 404. Other people don't have access. There is no wаrez on web site, everything is from the officials (themes, plugins and other things).  I restored past deleted articles through a web archive.

No one came to web site from another IP. How can you track "where the legs grow from"? A month ago, running "me" was transferred to another server. It is possible that this is happening because of the hosting provider or in WP: plugins are freaking out or something else?


Maybe the disk quota is not enough?
You can also check the contents of the account for viruses with the built-in antivirus (if any).
And you can also download access_log to the site and check all POST requests to the site - they could have planted some shell.

  changing passwords to ftp, hosting, database.
 In the wp-admin, wp-includes folders in htaccess, we forbid everyone access, we allow ourselves by IP.
  In the root of the .htaccess site, we also prohibit access to the wp-login file
 Delete the admin and includes folders, VP files in the root (leave the config file)))
 Fill in the new VP
 That's all/ will work, even if the theme template has a virus
 Manually check the theme files / prohibit the launch of scripts in the folder with pictures

If the theme uses files from the wp-includes folder, we delete the .htaccess file with prohibitions from it
Google other ways to protect that folder.