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Started by IdeaPad, Sep 20, 2022, 09:02 AM

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Please tell me kind people, I'm tired of running around web hosting sites with my sites and clients' web sites - the fact is that I am a webmaster and do projects for clients and would like to immediately host their web site, so to speak (at home) so tell me if I can take a non-reseller account and just buy myself a VDS and distribute it, and if so, then immediately such a question!!!

Will it be easy for me to transfer my clients from a smaller VDS to a more powerful one with an increase in clients?
Is it possible to transfer from VDS to dedicated server if it suddenly comes to such a scale.
Well, name (if there are any) the advantages of this or that option.

Rita Jaiswal

The question is not in a nutshell.
It is necessary to understand the principle of operation of web servers and panels. Usually there is cPanel on reseller panels, client accounts are usually registered as user (no more than 8 characters) in it, and MySQL databases are called databases.

On a VPS or a regular server - as you specify, i.e. you will have to backup in the Spanel, transfer to the VPS and prescribe there as well (that is to make it more convenient). something like this...
+ can you voice the price tag for the sake of interest on the VPS that you found?

In fact, VPS usually calmly copes with the hosting task. The standard web servers for that case are an old two-core and 8GB RAM (Standard for "Below average" companies).
As for your configuration, for instance, I could provide you with such a vps at a price of $20, but there will be 200GB of space there, it turns out the price is about like a reseller for 20-50gb of space, and the space is your own!
But, you need to understand that you will need to spend money on the control panel, billing, in most DC traffic is limited (In my case, 8TB, this is of course extremely much, but still!).
P.s that is not advertising, I just provide VPS and it's easier for me not to go far for examples but to bring my tariffs as their quality.


Well, as for - Is it possible to transfer from VDS to a dedicated server, if it suddenly reaches such a scale. Yes, such a transfer is quite possible if the site is of good quality. Moreover, such a transfer is not too laborious and allows you to increase the throughput of the site at times.


You can take the following:
1. http://hostme.us/plans-vps.html
2. DC quadranet, wholesaleinternet (USA)
3. 10% from the second order

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