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Started by Megan Brown, Sep 13, 2022, 12:06 AM

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Megan BrownTopic starter

Hi. Please advise me a proven hosting for wаrez! After all, it is not allowed to spread wаrez on many web hosting sites!
I'm thinking of creating a wаrez web site so that there are links to letitbit, I'll throw torrent and watch movies online.


Creative and original will always be in fashion.
What is on wаrez is on several hundred thousand other websites. But the biggest stupidity is to put all the junk there with links to rapid, when everything is on the official web site. And not closed by registration.
Meaning? There are plenty of such sites. Or rather, you just won't get around without injections. generally, a business plan would be useful for you here.


You need a minimum dedicated , in a good DC , without a bandwidth limit, with at least 500-1000 GB of space. You can also use a VPS, I distributed 3.5 tb with a cave VPS at the time, but problems may start.
I ran into the same keyweb — sockets stupidly ran out, and even shapely in addition. I can't advise anyone yet — I'm looking for it myself :) OVH has delicious dedicated servers, but you can't buy them from Russia.
Installation is simple — rtorrent and that's it. Manage directly from the console, throw new torrents via ftp into a folder defined in the config.

If you don't want to mess around, or dedik seems expensive — there are ready-made solutions designed specifically for people like you. Search by the seedbox keyword.
For example, there are heaps of reviews: filesharefreak.com/category/seedboxtorrentflux/