Who should buy hosting

Started by simonr, Nov 22, 2022, 12:11 AM

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simonrTopic starter

The situation is like this - the customer bought a domain for himself and wants the hosting to be purchased on the same site. I have no hosting on this site.
Does it make sense for the customer to buy hosting for 10 sites, or do I need to do this and place other sites there in the future? Or persuade him to link the domain to my hosting? Who should buy hosting at all?


There are no laws regulating this issue.
As you agree with the customer, so it will be. One of my friends usually offers the customer to choose for himself, but explains that his server has more opportunities to implement non-standard Wishlist and more guarantees of data security, that he will not be responsible for the operation of the site on another hosting after the acceptance stage, and will charge an additional fee for support.

It is safer for the customer if he buys hosting. Because if the customer for some reason wants to break off relations with the developer / administrator, he must have access to the site.
The developer/administrator can influence the choice of the hosting provider. If the developer / admin is not satisfied with the hosting provider chosen by the customer, he warns about pitfalls and may refuse to work with the project.