Looking for UK cPanel Reseller hosting

Started by Ryar, Jun 17, 2022, 12:38 PM

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RyarTopic starter

I am on the hunt for UK based cPanel hosting, I have about 50 accounts.
I don't resell, I just prefer to have domains in separate cPanel accounts.

I am looking for at least 2CPU/2GB RAM.

I am with Guru reseller and have been for about 5 years, solid service but the WordPress sites are a bit sluggish, 1CPU/1GB RAM.

I have no issues with Guru, pretty much 100% uptime and I think I have old pricing which is nice plus hourly backups.

Their pro reseller looks great with 4CPU/4GB but £50+vat per month, I am paying around £24 per month.

I have looked at Brixly reseller pro £24 for 50 accounts 2cpu/2gb - looking for recent reviews.

Stablepoint £30 for 50 accounts 2cpu/2gb same.

I should probably try each of them but does anyone have any recommendations or experience with these two?


I don't recommend managed VPS. Its features are limited and most options(like backup, softaculous etc) will have additional cost. You can buy a semi-dedicated hosting. I am getting service from hostwithlove and satisfied and they provide this. I had contacted founder of stablepoint before.
They helped me friendly and it is in my alternative list. You can try them.


If the speed is 100% important, I recommend not hosting on any Cloud-based server at all as it is never as fast as hosting on a high-spec dedicated server. The uptime guarantee may drop from 99.95% to 99.9%, but a sacrifice if speed is most important.

PS higher CPU/mem does not mean faster PHP performance. You can get speedier PHP performance if the server has a faster CPU/processor, i.e. WordPress will most likely load faster on 1 CPU with a faster CPU/processor than it would on 2/4 CPU/processor that is using a slower single-core.

Also, some providers use the slower 2400 MHz memory, and others use the faster 3200 MHz memory. That makes a difference with website speed too.


The work of hosting providers in England is based on the type of American and Canadian companies. And to a greater extent it is dictated by marketing policy. Although the same standard is seen in unlimited tariffs, and in promotions, discounts, and in the format of a support service. Needless to say, just look at the structure of their sites and you will understand that they are all very similar to each other, but this similarity does not prevent these providers from having millions of customers, because the struggle for them is in the marketing plane. Although most of them do not have Russian.