Will Direct Admin eventually start charging per account rather then per server?

Started by Туман, туман, Jun 23, 2022, 01:50 AM

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Will Direct Admin also eventually start charging per account rather then per server or is there some sort of price guarantee?


Without digging deep into their policies, my experience with just about any software (or Web Hosting, for that matter) that I can name is this:
All Bets are Off whenever software (or Web Hosting) or the company that owns it, is Sold. In short, you just cannot rely on the best of intentions at the current time by anyone, as a way to predict the future.


As many said, due to various factors, it is always possible to increase the price if they needed/wanted to, especially if DirectAdmin was sold.

All you can do is enjoy the current pricing while it lasts.

But migrating all existing to cPanel/WHM to DirectAdmin? I would not do that. Set up a new service and promote it more, maybe, but not move everything across in case DirectAdmin was sold. It would have all been for nothing.


I have never encountered such a situation, many of the registrars can provide you with this opportunity for free. And so, if they want to, they can, in principle, charge a fee for any service. If they don't want you to leave them, they will turn a blind eye to it. And if they put up a price only for you, then this would be a reason to consider leaving, Move your domain to another place.