Andy Booth of & threatens life of NFT holder and his fam

Started by musorhik, Jun 24, 2022, 03:43 AM

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musorhikTopic starter

So, like many here, I invested in Andy Booth (@360) of and James Booth (@Domain) of with their NFT Project, Paradise Trippies ( & - the project has been a complete disaster from the jump considering the complete incompetence of the founders and team. I have been a very vocal "Fudder" as we have not been receiving what we were originally promised at any point/level.

Today, for absolutely no reason, Andy Booth decides to threaten my life as well as my family's lives. To be clear, I've never threatened Andy or his family, ever, but he, under no provocation, decided to do so in such a vicious and undeserving manner. Please see the screen shot below as well as his double down on Twitter.

I am open to answering any questions anyone may have, but this is something serious that needs to be made public about this lunatic.


Obviously there is more to this story. He is only threatening you if you touch his brother.
Sounds like sh!t has been going on between you two and you are not mentioning that.

This belongs in a "break room" or something. This is NOT a domain discussion.


And now u just remembered to try to open old doors to the founders of the project, about namejet old topics, etc...
The project started more than a year ago.
When you invested in the project, no one forced you to do anything
Bitcoin by itself cannot guarantee its success and prosperity

You entered the project knowing that the NFT field is a modern field subject to risky investment
However, I don't think the paradise team has done too little to make the project a success
They purchase unique and valuable domains for the project, confirm and verified the project account in opensea in a very short time, and do a lot to make the project successful.
I'm in there discord channel as OT and I don't have any single trippie from there project.

After all this hard work, do you think the founders don't want to see the project develop further
For every purchase of the project on Opensea, there is a portion, a commission that goes to the project, so I don't think Andy or James would want any of them not to succeed after all.

The mint for the 10 thousand trippies in project paradise was done within 24 hours and that in itself is a great achievement
Your failure to get good sales from the trippies you have purchased and invested in does not mean the failure of the project, but rather the failure of your investment
Especially andy this guy was respectfully replying to the little one before the big one and was very friendly with everyone

At the end, whether andy, james or Shane
They are all good people, I didn't see any shortcomings in the project
They are all trend and successful people in domain names too
As for the threats, we do not know about, but it is very clear that Andy means his brother James with his family, so he threatened in the same way.
That seems to be an automatic response to you after you threatened his brother James


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