Bido covers scammers

Started by donamiller90, Sep 08, 2022, 12:46 AM

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The story is as follows:
I got a bid at an auction for one domain, which fell a little short of the bido price and decided to extend it for another period, during which no more bids followed and I decided to accept the buyer's offer, after 1.5 weeks.

After a day of silence, I turn to the buyer through the platform interface with the question, what is the actual delay. I get an answer that Bido will contact me soon. After a while, I receive a letter from them saying that it was a technical error.
After that letter, I reasonably demand to see the logs of his visit to confirm this information.
Naturally, no evidence was ever provided.
Thus, I conclude that covers scammers and spat on an already deplorable reputation.


it's like a sincere confession that the bid was made, that then the browser bent, the web browser crash is a technical error and should not have anything to do with it.
The man admitted that he made a bet, and then changed his mind, because he saw bad letters. The case should be considered in terms of whether the rules of this auction allow you to take back the bids made. If yes, then everything is fine with him, if not, bang until he loses his pulse until he pays. Write him this.
What was then displayed or not displayed on the account is no longer important.
Please contact the administration that new facts have been discovered in the case - a sincere confession was made by the client that he still made a bet. Let him now come up with the idea that his account was hаcked or something else.

I considered bidding again - again= again, so I've already bidded before.
I'm quite glad I didn't re-bid. - I am pleased that I did not make a second bet, i.e. I did the original one.
Truly, my tongue is my enemy, the dude gave himself up.


The buyer immediately paid for the domain name and I was told to transfer the domain to him, which I did. Bido withdrew the commission and added funds to my bido account. I initiated the withdrawal via PayPal and it should arrive in 18 minutes. But I'm I'm still waiting here.

I registered the domain name on July 24, sold it on the 30th of the same month.
Payment and transfer on the same day. I started withdrawing money on August 2 and haven't received any money since. I sent some emails and tried to make calls. But it's useless.