Do you know any domain registrar who asks fee for leaving?

Started by Kik84, Jun 27, 2022, 05:25 AM

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Kik84Topic starter

Hello everybody,
Today, I was amazed when I transferred my .com domain from (if the name is not allowed here, I am deeply sorry).

When I registered, I did not read about the transfer policy because I have experienced almost 6 to 7 international companies that never ask to leave the company.

Now I want to know from all of you kindly share your experience if you know about any company that does this kindly comment, please.

also guide me is it against ICAAN's policy or not?


Only for fee is not fair. I mean it shouldn't cost to move out. Got to be careful where we put domains.
Usually, best to stick to the top registers. And, I don't think registry charges fee to move from one register to another like they say.

Also, yeah no one else seems to charge to move out, the admin fee is a sham. I hear your register for that domain is one of the top in the industry but they should have made it more clear before registering that fee to move out.