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Started by yoginetindia, Sep 17, 2022, 02:39 AM

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I wanted to ask. Is there any danger when choosing a domain name registrar. That is, is it so important for a serious project? Or it's secondary.
If it's that important. Then the next question is, what qualities should a domain name registrar have for serious projects? In your opinion.
I use a registrar with good technical support, let's say, just like you, thinking about the seriousness of the project, but I'm not sure if it's reliable. I don't know how to check it. There are a lot of doubts about that, but I don't want to contact some registrars.


Firstly, a quality domain registrar should not be a reseller. Secondly, it must be reliable and have a well-deserved reputation over the years. As a result, there will be no problems with domain name transfers plus low risks of losing your projects.
GoDaddy is one of the world leaders, they have multi-language support, and a bunch of all sorts of services, including very decent hosting.


The best when you need a simple domain registration procedure (the cost starts at $4.99 per year).
Hover is a registrar that will help you register new domains, extend the validity of existing ones or transfer them to Hover. It offers more than 300 top-level domains, or domain zones, for example: .com, .net, .ca, .org.

Enter the name of your business or keywords related to it, and Hover will show you hundreds of available domain address options.
This domain name registrar also offers built-in tools for managing your domains, DNS, and email. As for security, Hover provides free protection of your WHOIS data for all domain names and two-factor authentication.

It may even be a plus that Hover works exclusively as a domain registrar, since you are not bombarded with offers to make additional purchases.  That is, you will have to rely on other software to host websites.

Advantages of Hover:
You can get an additional discount when buying multiple domains at once.
It is possible to enable automatic domain renewal.
The prices for domain renewal will not differ much in the upward direction.
There is a free hiding of credentials in the WHOIS database.
The "Connect" option will help you start using a domain name in a few mouse clicks.

Here is a list of base prices for some of the most popular domain zones:

.com — $12.99 per year.
.online — $4.99 per year.
.co — $25.99 per year.
.design — $19.99 per year.
.info — $17.99 per year.
.io — $49.99 per year.

The best for registering the most popular top-level domains (prices start at $0.95 per year).
HostGator is another popular hosting provider offering domain name registration and transfer services.
But, unlike other platforms on this list, HostGator is limited to 15 standard and most popular top-level domains. Thus, if you don't want to break through additional offers, HostGator may suit you.

Among the most common top-level domains are: .com, .website, .org, .club, .net, .co, .me, .space, .online, .site and others.
Here is a complete list of all the domain zones that HostGator offers:
Also at your disposal will be the possibility of automatic domain renewal, which will help prevent the expiration of its validity due to the human factor.
With the help of the domain control panel, you can comprehensively manage your domain name.

In addition, you can protect your personal data using the "Domain Privacy" feature (note: domain privacy protection). Domain privacy protection protects your personal data from theft, prevents the appearance of unwanted spam and eliminates other problems. This feature uses WHOIS to protect your domain from the potential threats listed earlier.
There is a "Domain Locking" function that prevents unauthorized transfer or interception of your domain name.
You can also transfer your domain name to HostGator, but your domain must be valid and registered for at least 60 days through any other domain registrar.

Advantages of HostGator:
Provides free domain privacy protection and domain management tools.
You get a free domain name and web hosting on each tariff plan of the website builder.
Provides a convenient domain management panel that allows you to manage all your domains in one place.

Here are the initial pricing plans for some of the top-level domains:
.com — $12.95 per year.
.website — $0.95 per year.
.space — $0.95 per year.
.site — $0.95 per year.
.info — $12.95 per year.
.org — $12.95 per year.
.co — $12.95 per year.
You will notice a minimal increase in the cost of tariff plans when renewing domains. The cost of transferring a .com domain zone starts at $7.95 per year.