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Started by dany, Oct 13, 2022, 06:52 AM

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danyTopic starter

What do you think about estibot's values? I bought and I think I can sell it and I don't see the value.
 Other estimation tools give a value up to 3000, which, in my opinion, is more realistic. Is anyone here with understanding? Thank you.


dotDB. Here you can see how popular the second-level domain that you want to register or buy is.
In how many zones has it already been registered? In how many domains does the keyword you are interested in occur? In the paid version, you can see which domains are empty and which have websites.

Estibot. Many, including domain king Rick Schwartz, criticize this resource for evaluating domain names. But it can be used as one of several (not the only) sources of information. It will tell you what the value of your domain name is.


Evaluating domains using estibot is the same as believing in horoscopes and other nonsense.
The End users don't take such assessments seriously. But some domainers want to believe in them. If the Estibot bought the domains (at least in some%% ratio of their valuation price), then its valuation would make sense. And so only to amuse the domainer's self-esteem.