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Started by yoginetindia, Nov 27, 2022, 06:11 AM

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Is here anyone registered there?
What are the payouts, what are the sales?

the first time I registered, I added one domain, even the bump didn't come, okay, I think I waited about a week. Then I regress again, with the same data, the same email, I threw a few dozen dot coms, normal dot coms into the domains field, do not throw the whole portfolio, especially there is a comment, "you don't have to add all domains, you can do it later, but each domain you add will also be checked if in your portfolio has at least one "low-quality domain" or one consonant with TM, we will ruin your entire portfolio and you will have to send it again" approximately as it was written for as long as I remember.
The next day a letter arrives: your portfolio is too small, we accept domainers with a portfolio of several thousand domains.
Moreover, almost all the sent domains were previously parked at them by other owners.


Sales are going fine. And what exactly are you interested in? Of course, I can say how many domain names I sold and how many offers there were last year, but after all, all domains are different. So my stats may be better or worse than yours.
I moved all my domains from Sedo there for several reasons:

Firstly, monetization is better, and much better (at least in my case)
Secondly, in my opinion, they have more catchy pages for parked domains, especially pages with information about the sale of the domain.
Thirdly, there are brokers who can help sell the domain, or advise the price.
Fourth, the platform was originally made by a Shilling for itself. It was impossible to get there before. I thought so, since he was doing this platform for his beloved, then it's probably a good thing.
Fifthly, unlike Sedo, where you can't understand who wants to buy your domain, all possible information about the buyer is displayed on DNS.
Sixth, unlike Sedo, if you sell your domains yourself, then the commission there is either 4%, or 6%, 12.5%, if your domains are sold by their brokers.

There are, in principle, much more reasons, these are the main ones.
I signed up as soon as they opened to the public, that is, in October 2011, in my opinion.
As far as I know, they accept hyphens there, and not only premium domains. The most important thing is that there are no TM domains. Unfortunately, they do not accept domains in the Russian Federation zone yet, I found out last week, but they said they plan to in the near future.


I turned to them with a question about why there is no response to requests for registration and about the size of the portfolio with which they are accepted there.
They replied that apparently something didn't work because they don't have any unanswered registration requests. So if they didn't respond for some reason, write to support.

As for the size of the portfolio, according to them, if you have few domain names, they should be saleable, that is, not slag.

I think that when you send them your domains for registration, they check whois, if you have private whois on domains, they simply do not see them and therefore think that you have few of them.