GoDaddy won't let me transfer my domain name

Started by ipt, Aug 13, 2022, 04:56 AM

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iptTopic starter

GoDaddy has suspended my domain for violating some of their policies.

At the same time, the ClientTransferProhibited flag is set, which they refuse to remove,
because the domain has been Suspended

The ICANN rules clearly state that the flag must be removed at the request of the domain owner. Moreover, they are not only obliged, but also should not create obstacles to that.

I wrote them 3 letters.

Do they really put on the rules of ICANN, or am I not understanding something?


And for which they were banned, you did not answer. So, there is something for that.

Transfer to another registrar, there will also be banned.
You probably do not have a license for this type of activity, which the registrar asks you for.