Guessing about large venues

Started by JohnS, Jul 14, 2022, 03:34 AM

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JohnSTopic starter

Nobody thought about this kind of anomaly [nofollow] as an example? which one of these domains would you take even for registration fee?
I have suspicions what kind of business this is, but I will not write publicly.


What's wrong with writing publicly?

IMHO, just a risky "startup" ...
In total, they have 350 thousand domains - this is ~ 3.5m USD per year, not some huge money for large investors ...
Perhaps there are (or were) good sales that allow + - to keep this entire abyss of domains afloat, so Moreover, they also have expensive keywords there.

And the fact that they start at $ 500 - in my opinion, is purely generic in terms of combinations of dictionary words or trends in Google, but it is possible that this is also sold, and if not, it simply drops in 2-3 years.


And what is wrong? All names look absolutely normal and varied. There is no one undesirable direction in them. What suspicions can there be - just a kind of domain business. The annual maintenance of such domains can reach up to $30k, so the "payback" should be present. ;)


I agree, most of these domains I would not charge for the price of registration.
There are some that can sell for up to $200. But they are few. Yes, the domain business is very muddy. It seems to be only beneficial for domain registrars.