How I took domain name from registrar

Started by Novel Web Solution, Oct 26, 2022, 09:52 AM

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In general, on duty I had to take on such a difficult (as it turned out) task. The background is as old as the world.
The client decided to take the domain from one company (where it was with not too good people) and move it to another. Domain - no problems with trademarks (as in .ua) and absolutely no problems in registration/re-registration.

Well, what is done in such cases? We send a request from one company to another with a request for transfer. After waiting - you can also write to those support for possibly faster processing.
What was my surprise when it turned out that it was impossible to send a transfer request from this registrar. For the transfer, it would be necessary to send passport data (read: scans of pages) to them to the company, so that they themselves form a request based on them.
Although there are no such conditions anywhere.

First of all, I went through - it turned out that, indeed, there is such a procedure. The main obstacle to a normal request in this case is that the domain is REGISTERED TO the COMPANY. In fact, it was bought by the registrar himself, and not by the individual/legal entity using his services.

The client refuses to send a request in the form of their passports.
I've been calling since then support.
Almost brought the boy to tears) In general, I "knocked out" the opportunity to send myself just a statement. To the post office. As it turned out, not by email.

Now I'm sitting with a healthy package of documents, getting ready to go to the post office. I have never sent paper letters. Romance..


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