Just a question to zak muskovitch so called custodian of domainers.

Started by #vikup34, Jun 22, 2022, 05:43 AM

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Question to lawyer Zak muskovitch.

Zak muskovitch what are you afraid of man. Are you the sole representative of domainers all around the world or are all the domainers surviving because of you. I understand you take sides and you are not neutral but I fail to understand why did you block Me after I post truth about lawyer ankir raheja from India.

I understand he invites you regularly to India and offers you free drinks and food but as a domainer I am also entitled to pit forward truth about about raheja .
You blocking Me from seeing timeliness of internet commerce in twitter shows that you are not perhaps neutral. As a lawyer u must be neutral and give everyone same chance to put forward their views. I hope you will learn these basic etiquette of court law and justice. Thanks.


I am an ICA member and have absolutely no idea what this is referring to.

Please feel free to expand on whatever point you are trying to make, but in a more clear manner so others can follow it.