Pros and cons of leading domain registrars

Started by cambridgesf, Oct 31, 2022, 02:08 AM

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So let's start with Namecheap:

annual promotion for 50 domains
timely support online chat

Inconvenient control panel
Unable to set up a redirect
The maximum time (5-7 days) during the transfer, the impossibility of acceleration.
Duality when transferring: an email arrives that if you want to transfer, then you do not need to react, but in fact you need to click on the link and confirm.


The control panel is good, service and updates work quickly and smoothly.
Good promo codes for transfer and registration.
The possibility of speeding up the transfer, within an hour.
Excellent integration of the panel with the auction.

Huge prices for the renewing
long payment processing time when selling.

No comment


The worst registrars to stay away from:

1. Network Solutions
2. 1&1
3. Moniker

I personally used 1 and 3 - disgusting support, NS generally ignored for weeks. NS can easily not release the domain from themselves and demand calls, scans, money, in short, run!

The moniker has the same thing - the support can respond for weeks, the minimum replenishment is $ 26, the braking operation of the system, and a lot of jambs in general.
The last time I extended the domain name there, whose registration period expired, at first after payment they extended it for half a day, then they didn't let me do it, because they allegedly didn't renew the domain name in the system, after 3 days everything was decided after the nth number of requests to support!

1&1 - in fact freaks!

Good registrars:
1 - very nice prices, a lot of buns are included in the price - free private, forwarding, etc. There are many payment options.
Of the minuses, I would only mention - a quick transfer only through an email request to support, otherwise waiting 5 days, it happens that it is very inconvenient, especially when you are waiting for money from the buyer.


Porkbun is a relatively new domain name registrar accredited by ICANN, founded in 2013. Their quirky design is part of their branding strategy, and their humor really makes domain name searches enjoyable. On their page about the company they write: "We are different, we are simple, and we are affordable.
Use us and you won't regret it. If you don't use us, we will be sad, but we will still love you." They are much smaller than GoDaddy, but they have a small number of adherents. Here's what you need to know about this registrar.

Price. For expansion .com company Porkbun charges $9.33:

What's good

Low-cost plans
Free WHOIS Privacy Protection
Free SSL certificates
Easy-to-use interface
Fast URL forwarding
Support by phone, email, live chat and knowledge base
Non-aggressive upselling
Transparent pricing
A large number of available TLD
Which is not very good

Newer on the market
Support is not round the clock
Porkbun is easy to navigate and use. It even has the ability to mass search for domain names. The prices are easy to figure out as they have a complete list of prices for each type of extension. This company will not impose additional services on you, and the purchase process is simple. They do not charge hidden fees and offer free WHOIS privacy protection and an SSL certificate.
Porkbun has many positive aspects, but there are also some notable drawbacks. Firstly, this domain registrar has not been around as long as some big names. Although this is not a problem, it also means that they didn't have that much time to develop their company. In terms of reliability, they are not as tested as other companies such as Hover, GoDaddy or Namecheap. Their data plans are inexpensive, but they also don't get the best reviews when it comes to customer service. There are quite a few people who like to use Porkbun for their blog, but it might be worth waiting a few years to see how this domain registrar will evolve over time.